Streamline banking solutions with real-time analytics, optimized risk management, scalable architecture, and reliable security.

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Data and Analytics Solutions for Banking

Pandata Group is working alongside forward-looking banking leaders to embrace the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud and connect the organization. When it comes to data, there should be no more silos in the banking world between finance, risk, sales, and regulatory requirements. Everything is connected and a new data platform should embrace the possibilities of sharing information between different parts of the organization, so that everyone can use high quality and governed data.


Featured Solutions

To achieve across-the-board results, you can't just rely on a single-point solution. That's why we've invested in comprehensive expertise where you need it most. Because you don't want to do one thing really well; to thrive, you need to do everything really well.


Organize and Unify Data

It all starts with the right data foundation. Let’s co-create a scalable and sustainable Financial Services Data Cloud, powered by Snowflake, that is paired with our proven Fuel delivery model. Learn more about how we can migrate your existing data warehouse to Snowflake and execute a roadmap to collect, store, and unify new data points that will meet your business objectives.


Centralize and Standardize Analytics

We implement a scalable, modern data analytics stack that will simplify and automate workflows, turn data into insights, and benefit from deeper transparency and integration across the diverse network of systems in your organization.


Strengthen Your Analytics Community of Excellence

Operate leaner and smarter with improved operations and collaboration. We train your analysts to leverage the modern analytics tools that will streamline their day-to-day operations.

Our Areas Of Focus

We are successfully helping our client partners thrive in this disruptive industry with our combination of deep technology focus, industry domain expertise and partner ecosystem – helping modernize their data platforms to be future ready and embed data-oriented decision making in day-to-day business.

Customer Experience Platform

Get a single view of your customers and manage their experiences through value realization with a unified CXM platform.

CMO Dashboard

One place to see up-to-date reports of both marketing and business data to understand how they correlate and the impact of your marketing activities. We’ll connect all your inbound lead sources in order to understand attribution.

Powerful Stack

Pandata Group solutions are built upon the Snowflake Data Cloud and its powerful ecosystem of partners.


We have held many of the same titles as our customers, from Data Warehouse leadership to BI Manager. Our experience, along with working with today’s leading Banking companies, allows us to provide industry expertise

Unique Experience

The Pandata Group team is made up of banking experts and data cloud technologists.

Our Banking Clients

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CommBank iQ Democratizes Data with Snowflake (2:46m)

A data Engineer analyzing data.

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