We are dedicated data and analytics evangelists, raring for the opportunity to invest time, energy, and enthusiasm into our client's business.

As Snowflake consulting and analytics development firm, Pandata Group looks to hire individuals who are enthusiastic about using technology to innovate and create new solutions for existing business challenges. But relevant skills aren't the only thing we look for. In fact, we prioritize for cultural fit, intelligence, curiosity and problem solving above relevant skills. We're building this community with relevant "A-players" who think about how they can create something amazing for both our clients and the communities we partner with. 

"Working with Pandata Group has allowed me to grow professionally and personally in ways I couldn’t have imagined anywhere else. Every solution we implement is different, and every client is different—I’m constantly learning and gaining exposure to a variety of tools and organizations. Our team is a tight-knit group of talented individuals that values learning and expanding, but also balance and connection. It is important to me to work with people who value transparency. Our company culture embodies transparency, and it’s apparent in the way we work with each other and with clients. I think that directly translates to our success across the board with a wide range of projects. I am thankful every day that I get to work with Pandata Group!"


Sr. Consultant / 2 Years

Data Integration Consultant
Professional Services | Data - Chicago, IL

Data Integration Consultant
Professional Services | Data - Madison, WI

Sr. Consultant - Snowflake Data Architect
Professional Services | Data - Remote

People First

We've invested in truly understanding employee satisfaction and engagement. Employee and project sentiment tell us what we like working on and which projects we deliver most effectively. The data enables us to build our business around people, not the other way around. Not only does this support Pandata Group's success, but it helps individuals build a career they're passionate about. 

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