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A data Engineer analyzing data.

Our mission is to leave a legacy of impactful and purposeful growth for individuals, organizations, and communities by sharing what we're best at.

Access to the right information is crucial for business success. At Pandata Group, we specialize in data modernization and transformation services that help you collect, analyze, and utilize data more efficiently.

Our deep industry experience enables us to provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs. For example, we've helped healthcare providers improve patient outcomes by analyzing clinical data and retail companies optimize pricing strategies to increase revenue.

When you work with Pandata Group, you can expect increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved decision-making. Plus, our team of experts provides ongoing support and guidance.

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We Love A Good Data Challenge

We’re a modern data analytics consultancy that helps you align on a vision, pursue the best implementation, and unlock on-going value from Snowflake.


We Love A Good Data Challenge

Effective business decisions are rooted in access to right information. We built this philosophy into our name when founded in 2014.

Pan, is the root for Panacea, which is defined as the remedy for difficulties. Companies struggle to efficiently collect and centralize useful data, follow governed processes, and empower peers to produce innovation based on a data-driven culture.

Data Cloud.

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"Only Pandata Group delivers on the strategic, technical, and cultural capabilities that forward thinking companies need to transform their data and analytics targets."

Jorel Digman, Founder & CEO

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Our Foundation

Our values are the compass that guides us, informing every action we take. With a steadfast commitment to our core foundation, we strive to create meaningful impact and purposeful outcomes.

Be Curious

Promoting personal growth by always questioning, always learning, always seeking feedback and new opportunities.

Seek Adventure

We love to explore and be who we are outside of the office. We want to share the things that make us happy. We have fun!

Think Ahead

Exploring, innovating, finding new paths and building the best solutions for our clients.

Work As A Team

Accomplishing our goals by sharing ideas with an open mind and winning (and losing ) as a team.

Our Locations

We're based out of the U.S.'s Great Lakes region, but we have a global reach with associates across the world. Ask us how we can support global projects.

A map showing all Pandata Group's office locations.

Madison, WI

701 E. Washington Ave Suite 202, Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Chicago, Il

171 N. Aberdeen Suite 400 #96, Chicago, IL 60650

Cincinnati, OH

151 W. 4th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202



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Technology is just half of the story. That's why we hire the most innovative people. Our team is smart, collaborative, and committed to finding new solutions to the challenges you face.

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