Data Visualization.

Build your business on data. 

Obsessed with the value quality data can bring to your business? Yes we are. That's because data is more than numbers. It's your customers, members, and product. It's trends, opportunities, and challenges. With the Snowflake platform collecting your data from internal systems, customers, suppliers, and the marketplace you now have the single foundation to start taking action and driving innovation downstream. 

We'll help you understand your data and analytics so that you can make the right decisions, at the right time, and keep asking the questions you want answered. 

We shorten the distance between your technology investment and return. 

Today's businesses collect more data from more sources than ever before about customers, services, and systems. The most successful organizations know how to manage, organize, and leverage this data to generate valuable insights that accelerate innovation, growth, and strategic advantage. 

What Makes a Panda?

A unique combination of platform expertise and industry experience. We've been on your side of the table and understand your challenges. 

Data-driven Decision Making

Find insights needed to answer your most pressing questions. 

True Scalability

Build use cases that optimize value and set your organization up for sustainable growth. 

Use data to find opportunities your competitors will miss.

An effective analytics strategy gives companies a true competitive advantage. It provides insights and opportunities that are unique and extremely difficult for competitors to replicate. Our Analytics Practice is comprised of experienced consultants certified across the Microsoft Power BI platform and ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud, centered around the Snowflake Data Cloud to comprise an end-to-end cloud data platform that will deliver analytics solutions for powerful data-driven decision making.


Analytics roadmap

The success of any analytics platform relies heavily on your organization's analytics vision and strategy. We help you develop an analytics foundation that includes the business and IT, who work together to agree on what results they are trying to drive and focus on delivering those results by capturing appropriate data and pulling it through a streamlined analytics process. 


Analytics software selection

Powerful visualizations or guided analytics? What about both? We have extensive experience with business intelligence software and implementing leading platforms like Power BI and ThoughtSpot. Pandata Group can walk you through an evaluation process to choose the right software based on your analytics vision, use cases, and data analytics needs. 


BI platform modernization

BI modernization and consolidation is at the top of many organization's Digital Transformation initiatives. Our experience includes helping clients migrate to the analytics cloud from SAP BusinessObjects, Qlikview, and MicroStrategy.    


Power BI implementation & development

You've put a lot work to ensure your data is of the highest quality. Now's the time to start asking questions and seeking data-driven answers. 

Our analytics consultants are certified in Power BI and will develop focused data visualizations with key metrics that matter to you. 


ThoughtSpot Implementation

ThoughtSpot is changing the way organizations unlock data drive business outcomes. More than BI, ThoughtSpot is the analytics cloud that allows anyone, regardless of skill-set or experience, to quickly and autonomously ask questions, get answers and share results, to drive data-supported decision making. 

We deliver change by building with both technology and trust. 

Customer Success Stories

Leading Contract Manufacturer Sets Data Cloud Journey

Learn how Pandata Group directed the implementation of a unified and integrated data cloud based on Snowflake for a publicly traded, Wisconsin-based contract manufacturer.

Centralizing Healthcare Data on Snowflake

In this case study, Pandata Group helped a Midwest leader in hospice care evaluate, engineer, implement, and manage a full cloud-native data and analytics platform by bringing in formerly siloed system-generated data.  


Like to learn more from your data?

Let's build great analytics together. 

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