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Pandata Group evaluated, orchestrated, engineered and implemented a full cloud-native data and analytics platform for a regional end-of-life care management provider. This platform successfully brought together formerly siloed system-generated data and alleviated manual extraction and analysis workflows, in addition to increasing the confidence and soundness of all enterprise reporting.


Agrace is a nonprofit health care organization that is nationally recognized as a leader in the hospice industry. Agrace serves the south-central Wisconsin area and provides end-of-life, palliative and grief support care.


Agrace is a multifaced health care provider with numerous interrelated services such as end-of-life care, palliative care, at-home assistance, medical equipment and pharmacy provisions, etc. Many of these services have their own independent operational management systems. These systems are in addition to enterprise resource planning platforms for EMR, finance, HR, etc. It was not feasible to create any kind of holistic analytical view of the data generated from these systems. Over-reliance on manual processes and “tribal knowledge” also contributed to inefficient or under-utilization of the numerous data assets that Agrace possessed.


Pandata Group conducted a thorough assessment and documentation of all of Agrace’s data sources, as well as mapping out the “present state” of manual workflows utilized to capture meaningful information from these sources. This also included an overview and recommendation of data team structures within the overall organization chart. A need was identified to create a single source for all data reporting, as well as an increase in confidence in any enterprise information that was being reported.

An end-to-end cloud platform was selected as the most viable solution to these data silo issues. With SqlDBM as a shared data modeling tool, Matillion for extraction and integration, Snowflake for warehousing and query engineering, and ThoughtSpot for interactive online analytics, a complete and unified “data cloud” could be built for access by anyone anywhere.

Pandata then worked with Agrace stakeholders to identify key business areas from which to create business dimensional models. The full lifecycle of the BDM consisted of fact-dimension relational modeling, data source mapping, ETL workflow design, and analytics/visualizations from the curated data in the Snowflake data warehouse. BDMs were developed and engineered around core business subjects such as patient service days, staff utilization, client interaction (visits), and revenue/billing. This was followed up with extensive training (both externally and internally directed) to enable business users and subject-matter experts to utilize that data and analytic models to enhance performance and productivity.


The implementation of BDMs around focused performance areas of Agrace’s business enabled decision-makers to quickly and easily access core metrics and enable trend analysis. These factors contributed to the success of the implementation:

  • The end-to-end cloud-native data warehouse and analytics platform rapidly increased time-to-value and reduced reliance on internal technical administration.
  • This cloud platform empowered users with “access anywhere” to vital business data and enabled shared insights and understanding.
  • The single source of enterprise data as captured in the Snowflake data warehouse strengthened data trust and reduced redundancy and conflicting outcomes.
  • Restructuring and enhancement of an organizational data team was carried out to leverage, manage and maximize data integration and availability.
  • Reduction of reliance on manual data curation processes, and enhancements to operational workflows to contribute to a governed data landscape.

The end result of these factors was a transformative journey from labor-intensive data silos to a unified data analysis landscape. This journey continues today with the guidance and support of Pandata Group’s expertise in digital transformation and the data cloud.

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