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Pandata Group evaluated, orchestrated, engineered, and implemented a full cloud-native data and analytics platform for a global telecommunications provider. This platform successfully ingested data from an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities, workplace operations, portfolio data, and environmental and energy management within a single technology platform. This ingestion was to “uncomplicate” information gathering and alleviated manual and long running data extraction for enterprise reporting.


Client is a publicly-traded telecommunication services company providing wireless products and services; cable and wireline broadband, tv and voice services to approximately 6 million customers nationwide.


As a part of the project, Pandata Group’s data cloud professionals was to design and implement a data management and analytics platform to improve the accessibility of operational data and reduce the overall timeto-insight for analytics. Due to the complexity of the volume of data and the inefficient architecture of the application data, historical trend reporting beyond just a few months was not possible. The customer wanted the platform to analyze historical data and enable forecasting while also providing user’s a more accessible platform that would scale to incorporate future data sets.


Pandata Group unraveled the complex underlying data structures and processes of the application and re-engineered this data structure into usable content. This simplified structure allowed end users to generate not only pre-existing insights, but also created new capabilities and data sets previously unobtainable for reporting and analysis.

An end-to-end cloud platform was selected as the most viable solution to this complex and slow data structure. With SqlDBM as a shared data modeling tool, Talend Studio and Talend Cloud for extraction and integration, Snowflake for warehousing and query engineering, a complete and unified “data cloud” could be built for access by anyone, anywhere.

Pandata then worked with Client stakeholders to create a new business dimensional model (BDM). The full lifecycle of the BDM consisted of factdimension relational modeling, data source mapping, ETL workflow design, and analytics/visualizations from the curated data in the Snowflake data warehouse. The unified BDM was developed and engineered around core business subject of real-estate transactions, lease contracts and rental properties. Interwoven with this engagement, Pandata Group also provided extensive training on the applications and processes to enable the business users and subject-matter experts to utilize that data and analytic models to enhance performance and productivity.


The implementation of the Data Cloud, powered by Snowflake, enabled decision-makers to quickly and easily access core metrics and enable trend analysis. These factors contributed to the success of the implementation:

  • The end-to-end cloud-native data warehouse and analytics platform rapidly increased time-to-value and reduced reliance on internal technical administration.
  • The single source of enterprise data as captured in the Snowflake data warehouse strengthened data trust and reduced redundancy and conflicting outcomes.
  • Reduction of reliance on manual data curation processes, and enhancements to operational workflows to contribute to a governed data landscape.

The result of these factors was a transformative journey from a labor and time-intensive data process to a unified data analysis landscape. This journey continues today with the guidance and support of Pandata Group’s expertise in digital transformation and the data cloud.

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