We build data communities 

We empower those that we work with to create change and advance their data transformation journey across people, process, and technology.

Our mission

Our mission is to leave a legacy of impactful and purposeful growth for individuals, organizations, and communities by sharing what we're best at. 

We love a good data challenge.

Effective business decisions are rooted in access to right information. We built this philosophy into our name when founded in 2014. 

Pan, is the root for Panacea, which is defined as the remedy for difficulties. Companies struggle to efficiently collect and centralize useful data, follow governed processes, and empower peers to produce innovation based on a data-driven culture. 

Our cloud data analytics project experience has spanned across several industries and dozens of data sources. This deep experience allows us to break classic consulting rules, bend technology, and understand human behavior in the pursuit of data modernization and transformation. 

We work with the best technology.

Snowflake is the leading data cloud, hands down. What we're able to do because of it has a positive impact on the best practices for governance, process and empowering the data community we will build with you. 

We hire the most innovative people.

Technology is just half of the story. Our team is smart, collaborative, and committed to finding new solutions to the challenges you face.

We empower our customers.

Putting you in control. That's our secret sauce. So your team can operate efficiently, responsively, and purposefully.

All of our actions are based on these values. 
Be curious

Promoting personal growth by always 

questioning, always learning, always seeking 

feedback and new opportunities.

Think ahead

Exploring, innovating, finding new paths 

and building the best solutions for our clients. 

Work as a team

Accomplishing our goals by sharing ideas with 

an open mind and winning (and losing ) 

as a team.

Seek adventure

We love to explore and be who we are outside 

of the office. We want to share the things that 

make us happy. We have fun!

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