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Snowflake pioneered the cloud data warehouse.
We're perfecting its delivery.

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We're nimble. We move fast. And we can get it done.

fast delivery

Our team of specialists are committed to supporting your data platform initiatives with scale, resources, and a customer experience based on simplicity and right-sizing.

Assured QualityLess

A proven approach to delivering the implementation and continued scale of your data transformation initiatives. You will get work with a selected team of certified professionals that are led by a dedicated Client Experience and Delivery team.

Fanatical Customers

We've turned the idea of transparency into an art form. Clear communications, access to decision makers, and a mentoring program as a part of all engagements. We take building fanatical customers seriously.

Unmatched scaleLess

From adding more resources, to supporting your the maturity of your data and analytics strategy, or keeping you ahead of the technology curve, we'll help you cover the next step of need.

Now is the time 
For Data-Driven decision making 

Improve how you operate, drive revenue, and build customer experiences with big data, advanced analytics, and a fully managed cloud data platform.

Save significant 
time and money.

Automate processes and repurpose thousands of hours.

Scale your business.

Build a modern, integrated data infrastructure.

Present actionable insights.

Foster a data culture with intuitive dashboards and visualizations.

how we make companies business intelligent. 


We train, organize, and grow data teams.

IMPACTful processes

We orient teams towards results and build data-driven cultures.

innovative infrastructure

We enable business intelligence, advanced analytics, and AI.

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Snowflake & Pandata Group 

The Pandata Group and Snowflake's alliance combines our in-depth understanding of client's data needs, coupled with Snowflake's Data Cloud. Pandata Group has the experience to enable your business to succeed in the ever-evolving and often daunting data world. Learn more about the ecosystem we've designed around Snowflake.

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