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You. Us. ThoughtSpot. And a whole lot of untapped potential. 

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Get to why faster.  

A whole day to build a dashboard to answer your question? Let's transform your analysis process together with ThoughtSpot.

Insight in 60 minutes

Within an hour, we'll show you how the modern analytics cloud, powered by ThoughtSpot, will deliver personalized insights and showcase true self-service that empowers all business team members.

Goals and Session outcome

Our goal is to spark your organization's cloud analytics journey. 

At the end of the tailored session attendees will understand how to:

  • Connect and interact with your data

  • Explore data and create insights in seconds

  • Get one-click, AI-driven analysis and get to "why" faster

  • Build personalized Live Views of your data

  • Share Live Views and collaborate with peers

Workshop Agenda
  • What is ThoughtSpot and what can it do for your organization

  • How ThoughtSpot can help you access and analyze the critical data you need - live.

  • Examples of connecting to your data and building your first ThoughtSpot Live View(s). 

  • Connecting ThoughtSpot to Snowflake Data Marketplace for third party data.

Who should attend?

This is a tailored session for NEW users to ThoughtSpot who would like to explore it's many features. Attendees from business analysts, leadership, and IT are encouraged to join. 

We're based out of the U.S.'s Great Lakes region, but we have a global reach with associates across the world. Ask us how we can support global projects. 

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