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Plan Your Data Cloud.

As a consulting company dedicated to the Snowflake Data Cloud, we know what it takes to transform your vision to reality.

 The Data Cloud is a global network where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near un-limited scale, concurrency, and performance, powered by Snowflake's unique architecture.  In addition to our expertise in the Snowflake platform, we have extensive experience across several industries that have resulted in working with an extensive variety of data types and sources.

As a Snowflake Select partner, we've designed a set of services that help you plan, build, manage, and innovate on the data cloud.

Ensuring the long-term success of your Snowflake Data Cloud investment.

We know that you need to see value in your data analytics quickly. We accelerate our consulting engagements and provide strong time-to-value by combining industry experience, deep expertise in the Snowflake Data Cloud, and a portfolio of accelerators and industry frameworks powered by leading technology.

What Makes a Panda?

A unique combination of platform expertise and industry experience. We've been on your side of the table and understand your challenges. 

Accelerate Your Success

Want to get there faster? We've got you. Implement and scale your more efficiently and confidently with your business goals in sight. 

Customer Enablement

We place an emphasis on a human-centric approach and deliver an experience tailored to analysts, data scientist, and the data citizen community. 

Building your future fit strategy.

The promise of Snowflake is the capability to accelerate your growth along the data maturity curve. Dynamically changing market conditions have challenged even the most robust technology strategies. To succeed in today's business climate you need a "future fit" strategy that lets you anticipate and address emerging customer needs, prioritize resilience, and deliver disruptive innovation.


Snowflake roadmap development

Celebrate quick wins, accelerate adoption, train your modern data team, and prioritize how to scale. We focus our approach on use cases and implement the best solutions on the market to deliver the most business value as quickly as possible. When engaged with us on your Snowflake strategy typical deliverables include Prioritization Matrix, Current State Capability Analysis, and a Phased Roadmap to an architecture whose future state is aligned to business objectives. 


Strategic guidance and executive alignment

With large-scale transformations and new technology adoption, it's essential to prioritize how to make the largest impact. We help build cross-team executive alignment through a strategy founded in data and industry insight. Working in partnership with you, we craft a framework that aligns technical solutions with your business objectives to set you up for long-term success.  


Change management

Change is a human-centric challenge; your success relies on people adopting it. We listen, empathize, and take time to understand what makes your culture unique. We help you break down barriers, define milestones, and celebrate successes.  


Training & enablement

Our vision is to be a partner where you need us. We see this as an opportunity to provide programs that better enable our customers to manage their own systems over the long-term. 

Plan for your Snowflake Data Cloud.

Want to learn how the SaaS Snowflake Data Cloud will builds a powerful combination with your public cloud of choice? We've architected and deployed Snowflake in AWS and Azure and can provide you the guidance you need to get started or determine which is a better fit.

Forward Data Cloud Workshop

Executive Leadership
Value Engineering with Snowflake
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Forward Data Cloud Workshop

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Forward Data Cloud Workshop

IT Leadership
Snowflake on AWS
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We deliver change by building with both technology and trust. 

Customer Success Stories

Leading Contract Manufacturer Sets Data Cloud Journey

Our Data Cloud Plan engagement outlined to executives the benefits of automating several manual process, consolidating data from 3 disparate ERP systems, and a roadmap of use cases that provided the company with a re-usable, repeatable framework and process.

Centralizing Healthcare Data on Snowflake

In this case study, Pandata Group helped a Midwest leader in hospice care evaluate, engineer, implement, and manage a full cloud-native data and analytics platform by bringing in formerly siloed system-generated data.  


Take the complexity out of strategic design. 

A modern data analytics consulting company can't execute in classic consulting models. We combined the experience of hundreds of data warehouse and analytics projects with what we've learned from our Snowflake implementations to create the Fuel Accelerated Framework. This methodology aligns the unique technology stack with organizational objectives to build an iterative, human-centric data analytics cloud based on Snowflake. 

Enabling technologies, governed process, empowered people

Taking your organization's data culture vision and driving a sequential execution model, we'll help you improve efficiency by optimizing the relationships between people, governance, and technology. 

Defining the path forward

Our team of dedicated strategists will help you avoid disruption, achieve measurable outcomes, enable a smart delivery, and add continued strategic value. 

Enabling your organization

We'll ensure you have the right approach in place to build a sustainable model with an emphasis on adoption, scalability, and generating long-term business value from your investment. 

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Got a data cloud vision? We'll help you get there.

Give us try. Plan, Build, Manage, and Innovate with Snowflake Data Cloud experts.

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