Power BI Services 

Pandata Group brings expertise and a proven track record in Power BI implementation consulting and development - including reporting from data marts and data warehouses, as well as integrations with disparate data sources. We can take you from data to game changing insights by using data from any source to provide a unified view of the business - customer service, financials, inventory, sales, etc. 


We partner with enterprises across the business intelligence lifecycle - BI envisioning, needs assessment and proof of concepts, to data model design, platform integration, data integration development, reporting and visualization design and development, and ongoing data ops. 

Data Platform Development

Build a data platform to serve data for Power BI or configure Power BI to leverage existing sources such as data marts, operational data stores, and data warehouses.

Analysis & Planning

Analyze your BI requirements, data sources, and plan your overall Power BI deployment. This includes architecture, integration, transformation and visualization deliverables. 

Data Integration & Transformation

A key step in Power BI solution design is the data integration and transformation involving extraction, cleansing, and data preparation. We help identify the best options for your need.

Data Modeling

Leverage data modeling constructs such as dimensions, facts, and snowflakes with advanced DAX to create robust data models that accurately reflect the BI reporting requirements.

Visualization & Reporting

Enable data-driven decisions with data stories displayed via interactive scorecards, drill-down enabled dashboards, and embedded analytical apps to gain access to relevant information, monitor company goals, and align with objectives. 

Data Ops

Provide development and support for ongoing data source integration, data quality, and performance improvements.


As a Microsoft Partner, our Power BI consultants and developers are experts in helping build meaningful visualizations, dashboards, and reporting solutions to empower business users to create, collaborate and benefit from insights gained through analytics. Our experience spans different facets of the business' marketing, sales, finance, service, operations, and workforce business intelligence needs. Additionally, we address industry and line of business specific needs.


Helping marketing analysts and campaign managers gain better in-depth visibility into performance trends such as: 

  • Customer insight, personalization, and churn analysis

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Product innovation and recommendation

  • Marketing spend, ROI, and optimization


Enabling sales leaders to effectively manage sales pipeline, improve forecast accuracy and improve conversation rates:

  • Uncover hidden opportunities

  • Opportunity scoring and sales pipeline prioritization

  • Real-time pipeline monitoring

  • Trend analysis for forecasts


Providing financial analysts, controllers, and CFOs with real-time updates on financial performance and trend comparisons with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

  • Financial forecasting

  • Financial analysis, trends, and insights

  • Fraud and risk identification

Client service

Enabling service delivery leaders to better understand customer needs and pass on relevant information and insights into program development and management teams:

  • Intelligent contact center metrics analysis

  • Automatic pattern and trend discovery

  • Patient care and healthcare analytics

Operations and Supply Chain

Helping COO's and line of business leaders streamline processes, strengthen supply chains, and drive business competitiveness with a 360 degree view of operational effectiveness:

  • Predict maintenance

  • Operational efficiency and quality assurance

  • Demand forecasting & Inventory optimization

  • Operations anomaly insights

  • Supplier and spend insights


Driving HR leaders to achieve high levels of excellence in recruitment and hiring, merit increments, performance analysis, and employee satisfaction:

  • Employee and HR insights

  • Workforce drill down reports

  • Talent gap and demand forecasting

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Power BI Services

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