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Flex Services.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with yours, continually optimizing your data cloud platform.

For many companies investing in the appropriate technology, talent, and support infrastructure to analyze data can be a barrier to success. Flex Services helps support your investment in a modern data analytics stack with a flexible set of services spanning on-demand, fully managed, and enablement support. We help you stay focused on strategic, high-value activities while providing the technical guidance, support and mentoring where you need it.

Finding incredible data analytics talent is hard. Borrow some of ours.

With Flex Services, we empower you to challenge the status quo and drive innovation with experimentation. Some of the key features of Flex Services include access to a dedicated team of data analytic engineers who will effectively manage your data cloud and execute analytic initiatives along-side your team. Achieving DataOps maturity requires commitment to iterative improvement. We'll get you there sooner and transition ownership of your mature operations to your own team seamlessly.  

Data Foundation

Establish the most essential practices, blueprints, and tooling as scaffolding from which to build and grow. 

DataOps Maturity

Build a DataOps platform, organize your team to better enable the business due to the flexibility of the cloud.

Operational Innovation

Connect business outcomes to data analytics initiatives by using FinOps to measure business performance.

How does it work?

Flex Services is elastic - just like your data cloud. It enables a flexible, on-demand utilization of roles for both data engineering and for data analytics. Your business needs are dynamic and change over time, which is why Flex Services is highly adaptable to any business and technological solution. 


Full-stack Support

We can investigate performance issues all the way down to the original source of data. Our engineers cover the modern data stack layers of data ingestion, storage & processing, and analytics.


Engineering efficiency

Use engineering time to meet business demands, even as they change.


Engineering elasticity

Scale hourly commitments up or down monthly. 

I need Power BI support
I need Matillion support
I need Snowflake support

We deliver change by building with both technology and trust. 

Customer Success Stories

Leading Contract Manufacturer Sets Data Cloud Journey

Our Data Cloud Plan engagement outlined to executives the benefits of automating several manual process, consolidating data from 3 disparate ERP systems, and a roadmap of use cases that provided the company with a re-usable, repeatable framework and process.

Centralizing Healthcare Data on Snowflake

In this case study, Pandata Group helped a Midwest leader in hospice care evaluate, engineer, implement, and manage a full cloud-native data and analytics platform by bringing in formerly siloed system-generated data.  


Got a challenge? Let's be partners.

You'll work with a dedicated team of data engineers and analytics experts committed to understanding and improving your organization. They'll get to know your business, stakeholders, and technology stack so well they'll practically become an extension of your team. 

Multi-functional team

Your Flex Services Team are a team of players who can support each layer of your data cloud platform. 

Cost-effective model

You gain access to a highly-skilled and diversified team of data and analytics professionals via multiple subscription options. 

Flexible delivery

Don't worry, we won't be there forever. No long-term commitments, predictable monthly costs, and the ability to scale up or down to meet your resource needs and budget.

Contact us to maximize the value of your data. 

Give us try. Plan, Build, Manage, and Innovate with Snowflake Data Cloud experts.

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