Data Integration. 

Connecting your data across multiple applications with our Data Integration services.

Most organizations run on multiple applications to conduct their business transactions. The issue is none of these systems were designed to work seamlessly together. They all collect data and address a specific business function when you pull the data together for that holistic view of your enterprise, the data has gaps, doesn’t compare properly and is difficult to make sense of. 

Pandata Group's Data Integration Practice helps plan, build and maintain the data pipelines that feed your data platform. Working with leading data integration technologies we help connect siloed data to get the most value from your data.

We create the data pipelines that scale your Data Cloud investment

Your Data Cloud will only be as good as the data that holds it, and it's only valuable if you can get useful data into it. It's essential that your data cloud have an data ingestion and integration layer. Data integration needs to efficiently combine information from many different source files and databases, all into your Snowflake target. 

What Makes a Panda?

A unique combination of platform expertise and industry experience. We've been on your side of the table and understand your challenges with team members who average over 10 years of experience.

Long Live Trust Data

The health of your data puts every decision at risk. Our data management practice has ensured clean, reliable data as the primary driver of your technology investment.

Scalable and Cost Effective

Our success includes data integration architectures from heterogenous sources that include production databases, SAP, mainframe systems, to flat files and SaaS applications. 

We've never met an integration challenge we didn't like. 

Your data forms the foundation for all their efforts to obtain value from it. High performance, flexible data integration is the key to success. We consider your evolving business needs and combine that with our deep experience across data integration methods such as cloud-based ELT, CDC, and Streaming. 


Forward Data Cloud for Data Integration

Begin your cloud data transformation journey on the right path with our Forward Data Cloud workshop. Our workshop helps you evaluate your data integration options from ELT, CDC, and/or Streaming. A peer-to-peer consulting session to explore which data delivery option will meet the business requirements. 

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Assessment & Performance Tuning

Our experienced  Data Engineers will listen and work with you to review your existing data integration environment and what your ideal future state would be. We provide this service to organizations running SSIS, Azure Data Factory, Talend, and Matillion. 


Breaking down internal data siloes? We've got you.

Accessibility to reliable data is one of the key success of any data architecture modernization effort. Our consultants consolidate your siloed data from diverse data sources into a dynamic Snowflake data warehouse or data lake. The primary outcome is a collaborative partner with a dedicated team who will scale your data integration needs with experience in the design, development, testing, and delivery of data pipelines with leading technologies. 


Training & enablement

Our vision is to be a partner where you need us. We not only help you achieve optimal time to value - we also make sure you have the necessary skills to manage your platform and refine it as your business needs evolve. 

Technologies we deliver solutions with.

Pandata Group cloud consultants and data engineers work with leading cloud-based data integration tools to help you bring together data of any type from any source to gain a complete picture of your data. 

We deliver change by building with both technology and trust. 

Customer Success Stories

Leading Contract Manufacturer Sets Data Cloud Journey

Our Data Cloud Plan engagement outlined to executives the benefits of automating several manual process, consolidating data from 3 disparate ERP systems, and a roadmap of use cases that provided the company with a re-usable, repeatable framework and process.

Centralizing Healthcare Data on Snowflake

In this case study, Pandata Group helped a Midwest leader in hospice care evaluate, engineer, implement, and manage a full cloud-native data and analytics platform by bringing in formerly siloed system-generated data.  


Take the complexity out of strategic design. 

A modern data analytics consulting company can't execute in classic consulting models. We combined the experience of hundreds of data warehouse and analytics projects with what we've learned from our  Snowflake implementations to create the Fuel Accelerated Framework. This methodology aligns the unique technology stack with organizational objectives to build an iterative, human-centric data analytics cloud based on Snowflake. 

Reduce project risk

Maximize the return on your data architecture project investment by ensuring alignment with your specific business and technical requirements. 

Lower implementation costs

A modern, streamlined approach to data ingestion and integration by experienced consultants, using ETL/ ELT processes to create a consistent, relevant, and trusted view of data across business units and subject areas. 

Accelerate Time to Value

Our expertise is in helping aligning data strengths with business strategy. We've built a library of reusable accelerators and templates for technologies like Matillion, various ERP's, Salesforce and Google APIs and more, that help us generate faster time to value for you. 

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You bring the challenges, we'll bring the solutions.

Give us try. Plan, Build, Run, and Innovate with Snowflake Data Cloud experts.

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