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Ever since I attended the grand SAPPHIRE 2017 conference, I have wanted to share my thoughts about the empowerment of women in the IT industry. This idea dawned on me during the executive keynote speech delivered by the CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott.

Before I continue with my thoughts, let me quickly brief you about my experience at SAPPHIRE, in case you haven’t been. SAPPHIRE is the annual SAP user conference where business and IT executives come from around the world to learn more about new SAP products. It is also an opportunity to hear more about the company’s roadmaps and how to get the most out of the SAP landscape.

Returning to my original thoughts, the empowerment of women and their involvement in the different fields of industry have been so much clearer in recent years. We have seen women in executive positions at different firms who are running those firms with great integrity and devotion. Women are seeking to stand with other women in every aspect of life and tend to play a vital role in business as well as other markets.

The major agenda of this year’s conference was the launch of SAP Leonardo which is SAP’s digital innovation system, and is designed to bring all the latest technologies and services into one intelligent system. This time at SAPPHIRE 2017, several difference executives spoke about how women leaders are helping them to effectively run their businesses. The first person who I found very impressive was the President of SAP Leonardo, Mala Anand, who is leading this innovation. Her remarks on the key features of SAP Leonardo and how it will bring a revolution in the IT industry received huge applause.

In the next keynote speech, Google’s cloud chief Diane Greene came out to the stage and clearly presented her vision and talks about women’s empowerment in the executive positions of various firms and especially in the field of IT. She told the audience about their partnership with SAPPHIRE and Google’s positive experience in working along with them, and discussed how they are going to transform and update the technology. These two executive ladies have set a true example of women’s empowerment, and are leading the IT industry in an exceptional way. It does not end with just these 2 executives; in fact, there is a growing list of proven women’s leadership being noted these days, such as Meg Whitman - CEO of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and chairman of HP Inc, Sheryl Sandburg – COO of Facebook, Melinda Gates – Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany, and more. These women are writing history and making the world a better place. Their devotion and dedication to their work is exemplary and indicates that women belong alongside men in the betterment of our industries and communities.
We see women working now in many varied fields, and whether they are entry level or are executives, this event clearly assured me that women are strongly contributing to the progress of this world in the best possible way.

About the Author:

Epiphania Vincent is a Business Analytics Consultant with Pandata Group.