The first half of 2016 has quickly passed us and we’re heading into the final half of the year at a staggering pace! We’ve enjoyed much success in the first part of 2016 with the addition of new clients, new team members, and even our first office in Madison, WI. It’s no small feat, and we thank all those who trust us to help in their data and analytics initiatives.

I joined the company in January of this year to help with crafting our business strategy and also executing our market development. Our initial existence centered on our expertise with SAP EIM and SAP BusinessObjects software. Since the two founders of the company each possess nearly 20 years of experience with SAP BusinessObjects, it made a lot of sense to launch with services based on these technologies and the SAP Data Services platform. But the name Pandata is linked to more than simply SAP BusinessObjects.

One of my favorite questions during conversations is, “what does Pandata mean?” The name of the company wascoined by Managing Partner & Founder, Joe Caparula, as he sat in on a session at a TDWI conference. The prefix, Pan, is originally Greek and means “all,” and we all know the importance of data! The idea behind the name is that modern businesses will have to adopt particular digital strategies to be competitive. That means they need to efficiently manage a business strategy’s key asset – data. Any proper and successful execution of a digital strategy will inherently grow the data environment of a business and also drive the need to be more real-time. Our mission moving forward is to guide our clients in meeting strategic business imperatives by integrating internal, external, digital, structured, and unstructured data for improved insight on all of their data.

At Pandata Group you’ll be hearing a lot more about how we support local businesses on their digital enterprise journeys to improve experiences, automate operations, and leverage their business networks. It will include discussing new ideas, processes, and technologies that will keep information manageable and usable. We’re still home to expertise in SAP’s data and analytics technologies, but will also provide insight into the best ways to apply cloud, data virtualization, data warehouse automation, Big Data, and advanced analytics to our current skill set.

In conclusion, Pandata Group is growing and changing, but we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to keep up with the demands of the current market and its changing technologies, and we look forward to working with you to build out a data and analytics strategy that will let your business thrive

About the Author: Jorel Digman is a Managing Partner at Pandata Group and responsible for business and partner development. His background includes working in the IT consulting industry for 12 years with a heavy emphasis in data and analytics services and solutions. Looking to discuss your data strategy in more detail? Contact Jorel at