Pandata Group is pleased to announce its Madison headquarters has moved to the 316 Building, downtown Madison’s bustling tech hub. The new office is located on the 5th floor and provides a sunlit view of the West Washington Avenue corridor.

Pandata Group built a custom office at a prime location in order to better collaborate with customers and technology partners such as SAP, Microsoft, and Denodo. The company is also opening the space to their clients in addition to their own team members.

“We’re extremely excited about hosting our clients and partners here in Madison!” said Jorel Digman, a managing partner at Pandata Group. He added, “The space is a great example of not only providing our team members with an exceptional work environment but also providing our clients with a new environment to learn and explore what drives digital transformation – things like business model design, IoT, Machine Learning, Data Intelligence and Analytics. This is a great space to feel like you’re in an incubator and can work with our experts to drive those fresh ideas.”

The Pandata Group business model is built upon transparency, teams, expertise, and quality. The office design reflects these values with an open floor plan that includes small collaborative spaces, comfortable seating areas to relax and work, and multiple rooms to advance business initiatives.

Established in 2014, Pandata Group works with clients on where to focus and how to begin their journey with data, analytics, and digital transformation. They have grown a team of domain and technical experts who have worked with clients across several industries.

The Pandata Group office can now be found at 316 West Washington Avenue, Suite 525, Madison, WI 53704. For more information on Pandata Group, visit us online at or contact us today at