Pandata Group and SqlDBM: Completing the Cloud Data Landscape

Pandata Group has always embraced and promoted the effectiveness of a robust data model as a means of “mapping” the enterprise data landscape (see our blog post here). Today this is more important than ever in the increasingly expanding cloud-native data analytics universe. A good data model provides not only a guideline for data engineers, but also a means of codifying and standardizing data usage from a governance perspective. Seamless integration of a data modeling tool into a cloud-native data management platform increases efficiency, collaboration and transparency. This is why we are so excited to be named a Gold Partner with SqlDBM, the leading cloud-based modeling solution.

SqlDBM and Pandata Group are aligned in their vision of promoting a thriving data analytics community and empowering enterprise digital transformation through cloud-driven data management. As part of Pandata Group’s mission to deliver expertise on the data cloud, SqlDBM becomes an integral piece of the cloud data stack. SqlDBM’s integration with Snowflake for DDL creation and data change management makes it an invaluable piece of the cloud-hosted data toolset.

Pandata Group can now provide enterprise customers with an end-to-end cloud-native data solution, from sourcing and modeling, to integration, storage, querying and analytics. We look forward to our growing partnership with SqlDBM as we continue to collaborate and strategize on delivering the best toolset for the digital transformation journey.