Pandata Group’s partners help us empower our clients and deliver value from data and analytics using the best technology for their particular business needs, which is why we’re excited to announce we’ve added Microsoft to that list. Microsoft’s Power BI and SQL Server 2016 platform represent a strong approach to both the data platform and self-service analytics, and being a Microsoft partner will let us bring our clients actionable from diverse data sources across on premise systems and cloud-based applications.

Why Microsoft?

  • Use a comprehensive BI platform that works with the data, systems, and tools you already have

  • Extend your existing BI and reporting investments to the cloud

  • Provide faster insights on your data while maintaining data governance and security

  • Share insights and reports across all major mobile platforms so your business users can make decisions when and where they need it

  • Transform your data into intelligent action with built-in data modeling and advanced analytics

  • Write once, deploy anywhere—write advanced analytics models and deploy them in an on-premises database, in the cloud, or even to Linux, Hadoop, and Teradata systems

  • Access to thousands of R scripts and models in CRAN (comprehensive R archival network)

Next Steps: Pandata Group as your Microsoft partner

Put plainly, Pandata Group helps you make Power BI’s fast time to value even faster. Our levels of expertise let us support your Microsoft Power BI and SQL Server instance from end-to-end, including:

  • Assessment & Strategy: laying out your best path to success

  • Data source integration, creation, and management

  • Sophisticated visualization, dashboard, and app development

  • Augmentation and extension of results through predictive analytics and data science

  • Remote analytics migration and development from Pandata Group experts

If you’re curious about getting started with Power BI or leveraging the advanced analytics features found in SQL Server 2016, Pandata Group can help. Our experts will walk you through the details and can get you set up and working with what the tool has to offer.

Contact us today to learn more about our great team and how we can help your business.

About Pandata Group:

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