Many of us realize that to stay relevant and compete in this digital world, our companies need to undergo a digital transformation. The question that follows the decision to move forward is usually where or how do we begin? All companies are impacted differently by technology - some of us don’t have enough, while most of us probably have too much. Years of technical debt and single department solutions have built up over time, and it’s starting to look like a house of cards.

Now is the time to get your house in order and start innovating. Your first step is to recognize the problem/opportunity and determine where change is needed the most. You may think differently, but often it is an area in which you are a market leader. If you are successfully leading the market despite antiquated systems and myriad of processes involved in that business unit, just think of the potential if you transformed that business unit with streamlined processes, implementing new technology, and creating a digital platform to extend the value of your offering(s). This would allow you to stay ahead of your competition and make other companies think twice before entering or expanding into your market.

Toyota, a constant innovator in auto manufacturing, is known for allowing companies to visit, ask questions and take pictures of their manufacturing facilities. They know that by the time other companies try to emulate their processes, they will have already innovated to the next level. And above their processes and systems, they also know that it is their culture that makes those processes and systems successful. Culture trumps strategy, processes and systems every time.

The new year is the perfect time to begin your transformation to an innovative culture that succeeds in the digital world. Don’t rest on your laurels for yet another year and allow new digital entrants to steal away your market share and your company’s relevance.

About the Author: Allen Poppe

Allen Poppe is the Digital Business Practice Director for Pandata Group. He works with companies to start the digital transformation journey from strategy to implementation. If you'd like to learn more about the digital business potential for your company please contact Allen at