Pandata Group is happy to announce that Josh Erhardt has joined the company as a Senior Consultant. His expertise is in Information Architecture and he is influential in guiding our clients to adopt a successful foundation for data integration and data warehousing.

Josh will be leading Pandata Group’s practice in Enterprise Information Architecture. Our audience is hit with waves of market analysts’ perspectives and technology vendors’ promises. The Enterprise Information Architecture practice helps cut through the noise to design successful platform for your business that is based on best practice and, most important, experience.

We think you should get to know Josh and his role at Pandata Group. We’ve included a brief interview with Josh to highlight his goals, strategies, and the big picture perspective that he wants to deliver to clients.

What area of the Pandata Group will you be focusing in?

Using my vast practical knowledge in Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) & Integration Management (EIM) solutions, I will be concentrating on Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA). Leveraging Laura Reeves’ Business Dimensional Model (BDM) approach, I foster our clients in establishing a cogent target that both the Business and Information Technology (IT) Departments can assimilate.

What makes you an ideal thought leader to drive this area expertise for clients?

One word: Experience. I have successfully implemented several large scale Enterprise Data & Analytic (EDA) solutions for Finance, Health Services, Insurance, and Consumer Services. Experience has helped me compile a foundation of standards and best practices for clients to turn their data silos into strategic enterprise information assets.

Who has influenced you in the past and how do you apply their teachings today?

I have been blessed to work under some of the greatest minds in the EBI & EIM market. Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross, & The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) have also been very influential in my experience, as I continue to pass on their wisdom by educating our clients on scalable, sustainable, & maintainable solutions.

Do you have a focus and goals in this role?

I strive to develop and grow client’s expertise in EDA, and to find ways to consistently deliver an agile, efficient, & transparent solution that brings rapid return on investment (ROI). My personal goal is to ensure that the client is left with a self-sustaining and high quality enterprise solution.

What is trending in our market, or the industry, that you are observing that clients can capitalize on?

Visualizations, Big Data, & the Cloud are trending rapidly in our market, & many companies are curious about the ROI. Utilizing TDWI’s Data & Analytics Maturity Curve, I strive to ensure that clients are set up for success, so that they are prepared to maximize their ROI on any investment.

What can a client expect when working with you and your team?

At the end of each project, I always solicit feedback from the client to ensure that their needs were fulfilled, but also to identify anything that needs to be improved upon. Many of my past clients have noted my passion for data & analytics, stating that it is one of my greatest assets, because it’s contagious - ensuring all involved are all providing the best solution to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

If you’d like to learn more about how Josh and his team can help you take advantage of the information that’s critical to your organization’s success, you can contact him at