Pandata Group is happy to announce that Allen Poppe has joined the company as Practice Director to lead the growth of our newly formed Digital Business practice. With his passion and forethought in technology along with his history working in multiple industries, he is a natural choice to head Pandata Group’s Digital Business practice and keep us at the forefront of thought leadership in the space.

We think you should get to know Allen and his role at Pandata Group. We’ve included a brief interview with Allen to highlight his goals, strategies, and the big picture perspective that he wants to deliver to local clients.

1.) What area of the Pandata Group will you be focusing on?

A. I am excited to join the Pandata Group and head up the Digital Business Practice. Driven by staggering amounts and sources of data as well as rapidly changing technology, digital transformation is disrupting business models, products, and experiences across all industries. We will work with our clients to assess their business strategy and their organization, and determine how digital technology can have a positive impact on their business. Then we will implement solutions to create a better customer experience, improve products and services, and increase the effectiveness of business operations.

2.) What makes you an ideal thought leader to drive this area expertise for clients?

A. My degree is in Business Management, but my passion is for technology. My interest started as a very young child while working with Heath Kits and Apple II computers. Determining how things work and then finding a better and more efficient way to accomplish tasks has always driven me personally and professionally. Most of my professional career has been working with executive leadership to implement strategic and transformational programs and projects across multiple industries. I feel my passion and knowledge of technology along with my quest for business improvement and optimization has largely contributed to my success.

3.) Who has influenced you in the past and how do you apply their teachings today?

A. I have had the privilege to work with, learn from, and get advice from several technology and business leaders. Along with my professional experience, these interactions have exposed me to a diverse cross-section of industries, the problems/solutions they encountered, and how various companies within those industries have succeeded and failed. This has allowed me to grow professionally with each experience and interaction.

4.) What is your focus in this role? Do you have any specific goals?

A. My primary focus will be on helping Midwest companies be successful in their industries through digital transformation, which is basically business transformation. My goal will be to build out a top tier team by recruiting and developing talented individuals that have a passion for delivering on digital transformation for our clients.

5.) What is trending in our market, or the industry, that you are observing that clients can capitalize on?

A. This is an exciting time in the industry! The change and advancement in the last five years has been greater than at any point in the past (cloud, hyper-convergence, big data, mobile, IoT and virtualization.) Companies can capitalize on all of the afore-mentioned technologies. However, you cannot just implement these technologies and be successful; you don’t want to just “pave the cow path”. Digital transformation is more than automating existing forms and processes, it is all about using technology to transform your entire business and become a digital organization.

6.) What can a client expect when working with you and your team?

A. Like all Pandata Group clients, they can expect an open and honest relationship. We want to be a trusted partner that will work to provide recommendations and solutions that best meet their needs. Since every company has unique needs and existing technology partners, we will evaluate their situation and requirements in order to provide the best solution based on that assessment. Additionally, we will be sure to provide consultants with integrity who are highly skilled in the technology being implemented.

If you’d like to learn more about how Allen and his team can help you take advantage of the information that’s critical to your organization’s success, you can contact him at