Hey You! Get Onto My Cloud! Rise of the Data Cloud Pt 1

In 2015, I was fortunate enough to lead the sales development effort of a cloud-based supply chain visibility product. The product was geared toward the manufacturing sector to allow a more transparent and collaborative platform to enable information sharing. We leveraged the Salesforce cloud to build the application, and it was intended to support digital transformation efforts within the supply chain to optimize the flow of information, provide real-time data to the supplier, empower collaboration, and scale for adoption. Unfortunately, the ability to execute on the vision failed and it was tied to one key component – the part on delivering real-time data.

Let’s fast forward to 2020 and the growth of Snowflake and execution of their vision. If you’ve been following Snowflake as closely as Pandata Group has, you’ve noticed their market position has grown from simply being a cloud data warehouse to being recognized as the Data Cloud (think of how alums say the Ohio State University). With the continued adoption of data sharing and the emergence of the Snowflake Data Marketplace, they now have a global network where thousands of organizations can mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. The Snowflake we have grown to know and love is now the powerful platform that gives you access to the Data Cloud.

From our perspective, the Snowflake Data Cloud provides a maturity curve for existing clients and future clients to grow into. We appreciate that the Snowflake Data Platform Maturity Index maps to most of the data maturity curves you see but allowed us to design our own. We’ve broken down the Index into 3 levels which mirrors Snowflake’s adoption curve: Core, Exchange, and Marketplace.

Over the next 3 posts in this series, I’ll be introducing how Pandata Group describes each level, the use cases to consider, and the value each layer can bring to your data-driven initiatives from a technology enablement view.

About the Author:

Jorel Digman is the co-founder and President of Pandata Group. Jorel is a tech-savvy, results oriented, senior executive with extensive go-to-market experience in the IT services industry. He leads Pandata Group’s continued focus on the design, build, and scale of an organization’s data transformation with the Snowflake Data Cloud.