Pandata Group works with clients all over the Midwest who have begun the journey of being data-driven. These clients each have different needs, require different resources, and expect different levels of control and responsibility in their relationships with us.

To meet the requirements of each unique client, Pandata Group offers four distinct engagement models, which are frameworks that define collaboration between us and our clients for projects such as data mart implementation or BI application development. We call these engagement models Extended Team, Specialized Team, Managed Product and Managed Services. All four models ensure the right mix of expertise and transparency during the development process.

We will describe Extended Team, Specialized Team, Managed Analytics Product, and Managed Service models in detail to help you understand which model best meets your current needs.

Extended Team

The Extended Team model is suitable for clients who simply wish to strengthen, or extend, their team with key specialists within the data services and/or BI analytics domain. With this model, our specialists become integrated into your team for a specified period of time.

This model is the best fit for the Data or Analytics team leaders who have mature processes or methodologies in place and want to manage the development of the analytics application or data services themselves.

The greatest advantage of Pandata Group’s Extended Team model is the speed with which you can complete a project. You only to tell us what skill set you’re looking for, and we’ll provide you with the right people to meet your time frame.

What does the Extended Team model offer?

1.) A perfect specialist (or even a team) with the expertise you’re looking for.

2.) Considerable time savings and faster completion of projects. If you adopt the option to have your Extended Team work remotely from our office, there are further measurable cost savings.

3.) Quality control. We take responsibility for the acumen, professionalism, and performance of our specialist(s).

4.) People management. Our Engagement Managers help maintain healthy relationships within your extended team, address potential communication issues, and manage changes.

How does the Extended Team model work?

1.) You define the skill-set needed for your project.

2.) Your extended team is put together based on required skills and relevant experience.

3.) You can interview our recommended specialist(s) and choose the people you would like to hire.

4.) After the work order is signed, we can get to work. Our specialist(s) adjust to your work processes, and you coordinate the project.

Specialized Team

The Specialized Team is one step up from the Extended Team model. The primary difference is that you’re engaging with us to bring in a focused team for a scoped project that has clear deliverables. Our specialists continue to work under your project management, but the project may involve more than just expertise with Tableau or SAP Data Services. It may mean bringing in team members who can help you adopt and execute a new methodology to execute your projects with best practices in mind.

Our Specialized Team model brings more scale and expertise to the project. It includes the Architects, Data Engineers, and BI Engineers that will deliver the positive results your business is looking for and fills the talent gap within the IT department.

What does the Specialized Team offer?

1.) A minimum of 3 team members to execute a scoped project that is coordinated by your team.

2.) Highly experienced team members who collaborate internally and work from best practices and methodologies.

3.) Fulfills your full BI Analytics project needs spanning data architecture, integration, reporting and analysis.

4.) Quality control. We believe that delivering an engaging user experience is imperative for a successful project. Projects that include a Specialized Team also have engagement managers who continue to communicate with your project management team to ensure all parties are aligned.

How does the Specialized Team model work?

1.) We review the business objective you are looking to achieve with the data and/or analytics solution. We can assist in shaping the scope of work for the initiative.

2.) Your Specialized Team is put together based on skill-set, specialized software and required experience.

3.) After the Statement of Work is signed, we coordinate a kick-off meeting to review the project goals, expectations, and coordination.

Managed Data Analytics Product

The alarming failure rate of a data warehouse or BI Analytics project is said to be nearly 80%. It’s often why the business, even though they see the potential in BI Analytics, halts their consideration of and investment in BI Analytics. As a business leader, or overwhelmed IT leader, this may be the time to consider our Managed Data Analytics Product.

The greatest advantage of the Managed Data Analytics Product model is the predictability. At the very beginning of our collaboration, we will provide you with a scoped initiative aligned to business needs. You will know up-front exactly what results you can expect, at what cost, and within what time frame. The Managed Data Analytics Product model helps you make informed business decisions.

This model is well suited to be an end-to-end, outsourced product to support a line of business or business process. What does this mean to us? Our team covers the assessment, strategy, modeling, implementation, development and on-going support of the solution. To accomplish this, we deliver the project by leveraging our library of templates and framework(s) for fast execution.

What does the Managed Data Analytics Product model offer?

1.) A carefully crafted analytics strategy aimed at achieving your business objectives. We visualize this strategy using a dynamic playbook. We outline the project plan, key roles, and technology that will be utilized, and we prioritize our work.

2.) A committed team complete with a project manager, analyst, architect, developer, and QA specialist who can deliver the full lifecycle of a data and BI analytics project, who produce a product that meets your business requirements.

3.) Projects completed by industry experts who follow best practices and accelerate project timelines based on our library of templates and frameworks.

4.) Ongoing support and enhancement of the data product or the analytics application is provided by Pandata Group for the life of the product’s use.

How does the Managed Data Analytics Product model work?

1.) We elicit requirements and prepare documentation during the project planning stage.

2.) We conduct a Business Dimensional Model workshop to understand how the business engages with their data to uncover insight. We use this workshop to truly understand how the requirements map back to the business objective.

3.) Our team fully manages your project, so you don’t have to spend your own time on project management. You naturally own the project, but we let you focus on building your business while we focus on building a robust and insightful analytics application.

Managed Services

This model is suited to teams who need certain stand-alone services, such as pro-active administration or help desk support. Pandata Group ensures the quality of the service provided and assumes all the risk of meeting the service commitment.

The Managed Service model delivers the following advantages: scalability based on business demand, fewer delivery risks, improved end-user experience with the BI platform, innovation for the business by having the internal team focus on meeting business demands, and a predictable outcome.

With this model you can focus on strategic management while we oversee the execution.

What does the Managed Service model offer?

1.) Requirements analysis and documentation

2.) A committed team of specialists and experienced administrators to support your platform.

3.) Guaranteed delivery of best practice administration functions delivered weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

4.) Performance improvements that adhere to agree-upon SLAs.

5.) Scalability based on business demand.

If you would like more information regarding our engagement models, please send an email to or visit the Contact Us page on our website. An engagement manager will contact you shortly.