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Enlightened Analytics

Pandata Group's Analytics Practice helps you develop and execute the strategies that turn your data assets into a true competitive advantage. Our Analytics Practice is comprised of experienced team members who are certified on the industry's leading technologies, apply techniques and a framework that uncover hidden insights, and ensures everyone in your business will derive powerful insight from your data.

Analytics practice services

Analytics Enablement

Technology is not the silver bullet.  We enhance your analytics experience with workshops catered to data literacy, business readiness, and tool selection.  

  • Strategy Assessment

  • Data Analytics Culture Building

  • End User Training Tool

Data visualization Development

We build actionable analytic dashboards that empower endusers to find insights in real-time. Data visualization makes it easier to see, understand and communicate key trends and insights.

  • Power BI Development

  • Tableau Development

  • SAP BusinessObjects

  • User Experience Testing

AI-Driven Analytics Implementation

Go ahead and ask your next question. We provide implementation and support for AI-powered BI for ThoughtSpot.

Data Science

Our data analytics consultants will help you unlock the patterns hidden within your historical and transactional data leveraging ML models and algorithms. 

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Insight Automation

  • ML Development

  • Data Engineering

Analytics Primer

Modern Analytics Workshop

When your data is aligned to your business objectives and the data platform is complete; the innovation starts to kick in. Gain insight into your business to provide an exceptional experience for customers, employees, and business partners. 

Discover how we can help you re-imagine the reporting and analytics process, see AI and Search-driven analytics in action, and fuel a culture to support data-driven initiatives.


Featured Partners & Technologies for Analytics

Wherever you are on your analytics journey, we can help you build a strategy for your data transformation.

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