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Resolution of SAP-specific complexities.


Review of data ingestion and architectures that produce an immediate impact.

Plan for a strategic data foundation with our certified consultants across SAP BW/ HANA and Snowflake.

There is a lot being said in the market about data-driven organizations and a move toward deriving value from machine learning. Although, to be able analyze data quickly and effectively, you have to start with having the basics right. Our SAP Data Transformation Primer worksop will uncover how to correctly set up your infrastructure and core capabilities for an SAP data transformation: data ingestion, data pipelines, and data storage, utilizing Snowflake Data Platform joined by Matillion and HVR. Together, we architect a cost-effective, scalable data foundation so that you can uncover the most value from your data.

Key Partnerships:

With an emphasis on simplicity and adaptability, Snowflake is the ideal storage solution for SAP companies and is the core of our modern SAP data platform. 

We simplify data extraction, transformation, and loading with complementary technology from Matillion and HVR. Compatible with SAP, SAP S/4 HANA, R/3 and SAP BW. 
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