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On-site, off-site, or delivered via our managed data platform. A business of any size can compete with secure, governed analytics by Pandata Group.

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We work with organizations of all sizes who are seeing the amount of data they create but don't realize the value from the information they had hoped. Building in-house expertise that can develop and manage a data warehouse is an expensive and difficult exercise. 

This is where we can help with our Managed Services. Using Pandata Group as your outsource partner allows you to concentrate on the things you do best, while we manage your data for you - more efficiently, more reliably, and at less cost and risk. We provide both off-site and on-site Managed Services, developing a tailored solution that fits your business needs.

Data Platform Service

  • Dedicated Insights Team

  • Design and develop data pipelines, data foundation, and analytics

  • Monthly Subscription Fee

  • Fully managed cloud data platform on Azure or AWS

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