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We want you to be successful. Let us help you plot a course through the white noise generated by the “digital” buzz. Everywhere you turn, you hear about digital transformation, mobile apps, cloud, and digital platforms. Yes, technology is ingrained in almost everything we do, so yes, “digital” can help get us there, but your focus needs to be on providing the best experience and connection with your customers, suppliers and employees. The question is, are you ready? Is your organization ready?

A successful business transformation needs to start with a leadership transformation. The CIO has one of the most important roles in guiding a company along the path of digital transformation. CIOs are now becoming the fastest-growing addition to boardrooms. Companies are realizing the importance technology presents and the efficiencies and opportunities to be gained. Technology is now so pervasive and critical to the business that CIOs need to be prepared, understand the business and participate in the strategic discussions.


· Explore the foundations of digital disruption and how to prepare your business.

· Understand the changing role of the IT leader as competitors adopt digital

· Use as a springboard to identify your organization’s strengths, prioritize focus areas in digital, and understand patterns in disruption.

· Design and hire the next generation team (Developer, Big Data, Cloud & Analytics).

Workshop Deliverables


  •  Identify opportunities that change the experience of customers, employees, and partners specific to your industry.
  •  A solid digital experience strategy accelerator based on a current state analysis and potential future state based on disrupt, grow, and sustain strategies.
      •  Understanding how leaders and competitors are using digital technologies to advance themselves.
  •   Tools to shape your story for executive and/or peer buy-in.


Allen Poppe

Mr. Poppe is the Practice Director of Pandata Group's Digital Experience business line. He brings to clients a wealth of experience in business process transformation, organizational change, and designing technology roadmaps.  He works with our clients to assess their business strategy and their organization, and determine how digital technology can have a positive impact on their business.

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