Accelerated Data & ANalytics

Packaged Playbooks

Pandata Group has partnered with Denodo to provide accelerated solutions to address business analytics needs such as: 

Self-Service Analytics
  • Respond quickly to new opportunities

  • Big data visualization and analytics

  • Data becomes the engine of your business.

Data Governance
  • Meet laws and regulations

  • Provided trusted information

  • Perfect data lineage

VIRTUAL Data Warehouse
  • Unlock your data 10-100x faster

  • Develop at a lower cost

  • Combine historical data with real-time data

Getting Started

Three easy steps


Pick a Playbook

Our customer team will coordinate a demo of the Denodo platform and our unique set of services to align to that playbook. 


Execute with Excellence

We meet with the business to align the playbook to business objectives and identify key success factors. Our Data Engineers will work with your team to implement and develop the Denodo platform based on specifications.



Our Extended Analytics team can continue to support the expansion of the Denodo platform for future business use cases. 

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