How We Do It

Delivery TEAMs

With Pandata Group you have easy access to a scalable team that can support the deployment and development of your data and analytics projects

Solution Design

We bridge the divide between business strategy and technology by designing a fully-integrated platform built to meet strategic outcomes. Our team takes a hands-on approach to redefine your end-to-end systems architecture. This can cover all the tools you'll need, the data models to power your use cases, and the integration patterns to manage your data.

Platform Setup

We work alongside your technology teams to get an cloud or hybrid platform environment spun-up and configured, ready for data and analytics workloads. This can include setting up your cloud environment and services.

Solution Build

Either independently or alongside your own team, our experts forge your solution by developing the ingestion and provisioning frameworks, data pipelines, data models and data warehouses, data science and AI algorithms and the visualizations you need.

the art of the possible

Workshops, Briefings, and Labs

Panata Group offers a catalog of briefing topics catered to either executive or technical audiences. These can be educational in nature, or visioning workshops where we collectively roll-up our sleeves and build an action plan over the course of a day or two. 

We also offer our clients access to our lab for new product demonstrations, organizational sandboxes, or proof of concepts to validate the value of a concept.


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