Our Delivery Services span from full project delivery to augmenting our client's team. But, our Delivery Framework drives confidence to meeting outcomes.   

Delivery Framework

A structured approach to success

Every one of our engagements is managed using our Project Delivery Framework, based on best-practice methodologies and our long experience in delivering data and analytics projects with successful outcomes.

Using a structured approach we ensure we:

- Provide a consistent approach to project delivery

- Translate our data and analytics experience into a project based procedure.

- Leverage iterative development practices that are best suited to data and analytics projects. 

- Consistent communication with an assigned Engagement Manager

Ultimately, this ensures final project delivery that is a success to meeting our client's expectations.

Data platform

Centralize and form your analytics foundation

The data platform is really a modern data warehouse to meet the changing demands from end-users, the challenges of growing and varied data types, and to prepare for advanced analytics based on machine learning. To us, it's designing and implementing several components that create a new architecture that includes the Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and built-in ETL tools.


Scalable, Maintainable, Sustainable

Our planning and architecture services provide complete frameworks for defining appropriate Data and Analytics solutions and comprise the full suite of services including:

- Business Case Development

- Data Warehouse Architecture

- Data Pipeline & Engineering Architecture

- Cloud/ Hybrid / On-Premise  Architecture

- Master Data Management Architecture

Data Migration

Data migration structured for success

  • Strategy

  • Planning

  • Architecture

  • Development

Data Visualization

This is your data's story

  • User Experience Assessment

  • KPI Development

  • Iterative Development

  • Dashboard & Visualization Re-Engineering

A.I. & Machine LEarning

Add the power of decision automation to your data, applications, reports, and dashboards  

  • Envision Workshop

  • Proof of Concept 

  • Pilot

  • Pre-built AI

  • Custom AI

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