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Have you been tasked to revamp the data and analytics practice within your organization but handed legacy systems? You need hands-on expertise that can help you enhance your analytics roadmap, architect a system that supports data asset maturity, and helps you build the right team around the process.

Pandata Group is a team of data warehouse and analytics consultants committed to help you lead your organization's data analytics transformation. Our knowledgable team will align to your business, provide architectural recommendations, best practices, and implementation across your data environment.

How will you approach your data transformation journey?

Data Architecture & Modeling

Transform complex system data into streamlined designs that are scalable, maintainable, and cost-effective.

Data Integration

Optimized ETL/ ELT to improve the flow of information and ensure accuracy. 

Data Warehouse

A single, unified and trusted view of the organization's data.

Data Modernization

A modern data platform supports business transformation requirements by supporting new data sources that provide iterative, continuous data delivery.

Cloud Data Migration

Trusted AI can unlock the value found in your large volume of data. Adopting and moving to cloud is the platform to democratize data. 


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Data Strategy Primer Workshop

Have you been tasked with designing a new data strategy for your line of business? Our Data Strategy Primer workshop is geared toward senior business leaders charged with making better use of data to drive their organization's business strategies.


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Wherever you are on your analytics journey, we can help you migrate to the cloud.

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