Sustainable, Scalable, and Maintainable

We provide planning and architecture services that ensure the right data reaches the right person in a timely manner. The promise of the potential insight that comes from integrating new data with traditional data is a part of all transformation initiatives. Our approach is to design an architecture that is scalable, sustainable, and maintainable by leveraging industry best practices, proven frameworks, and our experience.

Today's data architecture considerations include:

- Extending your on-premises data environment to the cloud

- Modernize the data pipeline on the cloud

- Migrate fully to the cloud

Data Integration

Your business needs to acquire and integrate a larger variety of relational, structured, semi-structured, and perhaps un-structured data to compete with the modern business. These data sources need to be manipulated and transformed into a unified format to feed down stream analytics and visualizations. 

Pandata Group provides a robust and effective data integration process, with extensive planning and design that results in better and more flexible analytics. 


How We Help


We'll work with you to assess your current data management tools and processes to create a data strategy unique to your needs. 

  • Current State Assessment

  • Data and Analytic Roadmap

  • Vendor and Tool Evaluation


We'll help you build a strong foundation with a custom-fit data ecosystem to meet your needs.

  • Modern Data Architecture

  • ETL and ELT Development

  • Cloud Data Warehouse Migration

Managed Services

Data Platform as a Service

Analytics as a Service

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