The key discussion points of our Digital Experience Workshop

There has been a lot of discussion recently about “Digital Transformation”. Everyone seems to have a slightly different opinion of exactly what is meant by “Digital Transformation”. Some say it’s about digitizing your business, others will take it a step forward and say it is about digitizing your systems and processes, and still others will talk about creating a “Digital Platform” on which to conduct your business with customers and partners. To me it includes all of that, however the most important thing is creating an organizational culture that can respond to changing market dynamics. This includes your customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

In our Digital Experience Workshop on June 8, 2017 I will be discussing why and how this “digital revolution” is different than the .com era of the 90’s and will exceed the impact the industrial revolution had on the industry. We will also discuss some strategies to recognize threats and opportunities in your industry as well as how to put together a strategy to transform your organization into an agile organization that is ready to take on today's and future digital challenges.

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