Data Integration Roadmap - Part One: The Logical Data Model

Our recent blog series on the data integration portfolio introduced a variety of new architectures that help the enterprise manage their data resources, including replication, virtualization and cloud data warehousing. Organizations are now able to integrate multiple data management solutions to address a variety of business sources and requirements. But it is important to understand that the foundation of any enterprise data management portfolio remains the same . . . a roadmap to data management must be created that is independent of the underlying technology. This series of blogs will examine the three main elements of the data integration roadmap: the logical data model, master data management (including metadata management), and t...

The Data Integration Portfolio - Part Four: Putting It All Together (In The Cloud)

This blog series has examined the hybrid data portfolio as a mix of technologies and approaches to a data foundation for the modern enterprise. We’ve examined a variety of strategies and technologies in data integration, including virtualization, replication and streaming data. We’ve shown that there is no “one size fits all” approach to an integrated data foundation, but instead have seen how a variety of disciplines that suit specific business and technical challenges can make up a cohesive data policy.

This final chapter puts it all together under the umbrella of “time-to-value" and its importance to the agile enterprise data platform. No matter what the technology, data strategies invariably involve movi...


Pandata Group is happy to announce that Allen Poppe has joined the company as Practice Director to lead the growth of our newly formed Digital Business practice. With his passion and forethought in technology along with his history working in multiple industries, he is a natural choice to head Pandata Group’s Digital Business practice and keep us at the forefront of thought leadership in the space.

We think you should get to know Allen and his role at Pandata Group. We’ve included a brief interview with Allen to highlight his goals, strategies, and the big picture perspective that he wants to deliver to local clients.

1.) What area of the Pandata Group will you be focusing on?

A. I am excited to join the Pandata Group and he...