Pandata Group is pleased to announce its Madison headquarters has moved to the 316 Building, downtown Madison’s bustling tech hub. The new office is located on the 5th floor and provides a sunlit view of the West Washington Avenue corridor.

Pandata Group built a custom office at a prime location in order to better collaborate with customers and technology partners such as SAP, Microsoft, and Denodo. The company is also opening the space to their clients in addition to their own team members.

“We’re extremely excited about hosting our clients and partners here in Madison!” said Jorel Digman, a managing partner at Pandata Group. He added, “The space is a great example of not only providing our team members wi...

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Two DV's in Tandem: Data Vaults and Data Virtualization

There has been growing interest in data vaults as an architecture suited for the archiving and preservation of all enterprise-wide data. The normalized, "hub-and-link" structure is suited for parallel loading from multiple operational systems, and the philosophy of "all the data, all the time", regardless of quality, lends itself to the rapid population of the vault without cumbersome governance and oversight. However, the data vault is ill-suited as a source for reporting and analytic querying, since it separates keys from descriptive metadata, propagates many-to-many joins, and makes no distinction between high-quality and low-quality (or relevant and irrelevant) data. Companies w...

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Late Post!

Ever since I attended the grand SAPPHIRE 2017 conference, I have wanted to share my thoughts about the empowerment of women in the IT industry. This idea dawned on me during the executive keynote speech delivered by the CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott.

Before I continue with my thoughts, let me quickly brief you about my experience at SAPPHIRE, in case you haven’t been. SAPPHIRE is the annual SAP user conference where business and IT executives come from around the world to learn more about new SAP products. It is also an opportunity to hear more about the company’s roadmaps and how to get the most out of the SAP landscape.

Returning to my original thoughts, the empowerment of women and their involvement in the differen...

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Who is Power BI premium meant for, does your organization need Power BI premium, and what are the benefits of Power BI premium compared to Power BI Pro?

First, let's cover what doesn't change with Power BI Premium, and the existing options for Power BI users. Power BI Pro Licenses are still $10 a month, and will meet the needs of about 99% of all organizations. Power BI Pro Licenses are necessary for users to share a dashboard and reports. So, if you have 5 business analysts creating Power BI reports and dashboards, and 5 C-level executives and managers who will also be consuming it, you'll need 10 Power BI Pro Licenses.

There are two different User Tiers:


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There has been a lot of discussion recently about “Digital Transformation”. Everyone seems to have a slightly different opinion of exactly what is meant by “Digital Transformation”. Some say it’s about digitizing your business, others will take it a step forward and say it is about digitizing your systems and processes, and still others will talk about creating a “Digital Platform” on which to conduct your business with customers and partners. To me it includes all of that, however the most important thing is creating an organizational culture that can respond to changing market dynamics. This includes your customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

In our Digital Experience Workshop on June 8...

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Pandata Group is proud to announce the opening of its new office in Chicago’s West Loop, one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city.

The new space is located at 220 N. Green Street, and will be home to Pandata Group team members who support clients across the Chicago market. Shay Rao, Managing Consultant, is a Chicago-native who will lead the growth and operation of the office.

Rao says “It’s a very exciting time for Pandata Group. This office allows us to expand our services into the Chicago market as well as grow our team, and the new location will facilitate collaboration with some of the hottest tech players in the Chicago market. I’m looking forward to a productive 2017 and beyond where we can help companies transform the management of their data and IT needs. Drop in and come check us out!”

Pandata Group is a fast-growing data and analytics services company that guides clients along the digital transformation journey by helping them decide where to focus and how to start their transition from a traditional business to a digital leader.

The office is in Chicago’s former meat packing district, which is quickly becoming home to new development, industrial lofts, and large successes such as Google and McDonalds. Beyond being in the mix of downtown Chicago, the office goes above and beyond by providing coffee, a lounge, prime food locations nearby, and meeting rooms ideal for collaboration.

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There’s no doubt that PowerBI is a powerful reporting tool. The method below outlines a pattern that can be used to meet the needs of several end users. In order to create stunning Power BI reports that can allow a user to really dive into the data, you need to know DAX (Data Analysis Expressions.) The trick I’ll outline below is how to create a Dynamic TopN report using DAX, which will take your Power BI reports to the next level. It’s one thing to look at a KPI such as Sales company wide, but what if you want to identify the stores or items that are driving that KPI?

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In my previous post, I stated that the time is now to begin your digital transformation. To streamline processes, implement new technology and create a digital platform to extend the value of your offering(s). But digital business isn’t about implementing technology, it’s about doing business digitally. Realigning your vision, strategy, and business model, then determining how to best execute. Technology should not be implemented without an understanding and purpose behind each decision. Your decisions should contribute to the overall digital platform, not independent stacks.

This article states that it is no longer an option to have a digital business plan, it is an imperative for survival. The article is targeted to CIOs, h...

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Last week I compared Aaron Rodger’s 2016 season to Super Bowl winning 2010 season. In both, there was a drastic improvement seen in the second half of the season. With the Packers beating the Cowboys last week, they move forward to the Conference Championship weekend to face the Atlanta Falcons. Steelers and Patriots face off in the AFC, which means there are four powerhouse quarterbacks all looking to take their team to the Super Bowl this year: Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Tom Brady.

Here’s a breakdown of their performances since week 11:



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As a company anchored in Madison, we love most things Wisconsin. Beer, cheese, brats, Badgers, and of course our beloved Green Bay Packers. Internally, one of our Pandas, James Fassbender, is probably the biggest fan of the Green & Gold and he couldn't stop seeing the pattern of play and victory of the 2010 season. That was the year the Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl behind MVP Aaron Rodgers.

If you've been following the Packers you might recall we had a little scare mid-way through the season and questioned the play and coaching of the team (shame on us). But for James he followed the manta to R-E-L-A-X and saw something different. Included in this post is a link to the dashboard he developed in Power BI ...

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