Analytics tied to outcome

Experienced consultants with tools for strategy, planning, and management

Strategy & Roadmap

The quickest and most effective path to a data and analytics "win"

Effective information management strategies can help increase revenue, profitability, and effectiveness, as well as reduce costs.

We have a proven approach to provide you with access to your information and to help you understand it, so you can make the right decisions to maximize business performance with confidence.

Our approach provides a defined and pragmatic methodology for what is typically a complex activity and breaks it down into manageable steps. Specifically, we design roadmaps with 8-12 week deliverables that provide tangible results for your organization.


Effective assessments and strategies for improvement

Critical to effective planning and implementation is understanding your current state, identifying gaps, limitations and most importantly opportunities to turn data into actionable insights. We have a proven framework to understand your current environment and recommend improvements to drive better business value.


Scalable, Maintainable, Sustainable

Our planning and architecture services provide complete frameworks for defining appropriate Data and Analytics solutions and comprise the full suite of services including:

- Business Case Development

- Data Warehouse Architecture

- Data Pipeline & Engineering Architecture

- Cloud/ Hybrid / On-Premise  Architecture

- Master Data Management Architecture

tool Selection

There is no silver bullet to data and analytics

Our clients understand that Data and Analytics are strategic enablers. We have found that this awareness is increasingly complemented by a driving need to ensure that they get value for the investment made from any new or existing analytics software investment. 

We apply our vendor-independent selection methodology and tools, to guide you through and objective assessment of the offering of analytics, data management, and cloud vendors.

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